Responsibility Towards Employees Returning After Maternity Leave

When an employee reports that she is pregnant it is critical for health and safety that the employer carries out a risk assessment. This is widely known but what responsibilities to the employee does the employer have on her return to work? Employment law can be very complex and it is worth getting expert advice on these areas to ensure you are taking the correct steps to protect your staff and the business as a whole.

There needs to be a level of sensitivity employed when a staff member comes back to work after maternity. It can be a daunting experience particularly when the employee has been away for a full year of maternity leave. Reassure your employee and let her know how pleased you are to see her back. Check how shes getting on after a week as this can make her feel very valued.

If new equipment or processes have been added in the time the employee has been away then it is a health and safety-must to offer training. This could be carried out on keeping-in-touch days that can be taken within the maternity leave period.

It is an employers responsibility to ensure health and safety risks are assessed and this also applies to certain groups of people such as new mothers. Look back at previous experiences and comments that have been reported by other employees who have returned to work after maternity leave and highlight any problem areas.

Within employment law, an employee is allowed to make an application for flexible working arrangements which may involve reducing her hours or number of days worked. You can reject this if the business cannot support it but the reason must be fully justifiable. To avoid the need for tribunal representation, follow a clear process when rejecting a claim.

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