Stomach Pain After Eating

You often feel tired after eating a spicy dinner. Sometimes you end up eating a greater quantity of food than you can digest. Overeating makes you feel sleepy and tired and you prefer to be seated in one place or go to bed immediately. This habit usually causes stomach pain after eating. Overeating, an unhealthy diet and sleeping right after […]

What to Eat After Workout?

To an athlete or someone who is into nutrition and fitness, probably the most important meal of the day is the post workout meal. This importance sometimes leads to confusion. Maybe it’s because of the available shakes around and how to fit them with your diet. Or maybe the lack of information whether you should take anything at all after […]

What to Eat After Exercise

What to Eat After Exercise

You know if you should exercise on an empty stomach, and you know what to eat before your workout, and the timing your preworkout snack. Now, find out what to eat after exercise. Eating the right snack after your workout session is extremely important to your fitness level. It helps your body build muscle, improves calorie burn, and prevents muscle […]