She Had How Many Babies?

Baby Dwarf hamsters

Mother Dwarf hamster has a gestation period of between 18-20 days and she can deliver between 1-10 babies as her litter strength. The average litter size of the hamsters is 5-6 pups. If you have an inclination to breed a dwarf hamster, be prepared for a long drawn out process and it should be preceded by thorough research and sufficient ground work.

After delivery of the baby dwarfs, and up to the period of ten days mother is the best person to take care of the babies and you should let the mother take the charge. There is no need to change the cage, but ensure that you do not come into contact with it. As the Babies become four day old, pigments would start appearing on their skin and feathers blossoms by the end of seven days. Ten days into the world, the Babies would open their eyes to the world and start making their first step forward into the world that they have been born into. Once the first steps have been taken by the baby dwarfs, you could think about introducing yourself to them but, bear in mind that your initial interactions should be of short durations. Be guided by the reaction of the mother, if she does not like it, then you have to b extra cautious. Baby dwarfs have a bounce in their stride and may suffer serious injuries if they fall from a height, and it can happen as you might like to cuddle them. But if babies fall from this height it can be fatal. Keep on interacting with them and they will become accustomed to your presence and their process of taming would be initiated.

Once the Baby Dwarf Hamsters are 15 days old, they would start having regular solid food. The basket of solid food of the Babies includes oats, oatmeal, wheat germ or small bird seed. The growth of the babies is faster and healthier if they are offered small grains, though some owners also offer them slices of cucumber or red apple as well. The next stage in the growth of the baby dwarfs is when they can reach the water bottle themselves. It is also the sign for mother to slowly bring down the level of nursing that she used to give to the baby hamsters.

When they are one month old, it is time for them to shift the Baby Dwarf Hamsters to their individual cages. It may happen that if a male hamster is in the same cage as the motet hamster, chances are indeed bright that she might be pregnant on the way to nursing her first litter of pups. If this situation arises, you have to ensure that the male be separated from the female hamsters and the little baby hamsters moved to another cage, taking place 18-20 days after the birth of the Baby Dwarf Hamsters. The separation is done so that any inbred pregnancies can be avoided.

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