Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

There are numerous eye exercises available that you can perform. Some individuals perform eye exercises to keep their eyes healthy, while others do it in hopes of improving their vision. Just like engaging in regular physical exercises to maintain and improve fitness and health, you can perform a wide variety of eyes exercise to keep your eyes and eye muscles healthy.

There exists some controversy on the issue whether eye exercise can help improve vision. Various studies have found no apparent benefit for improving vision by performing eye exercises. However, others claims that alternative therapy such as eye exercises have some benefits for strengthening the eyes and as well as improving vision. Regardless, performing some eye exercise can help strengthen your eyes, and help them function better.

Below are some different eye exercises you can perform:

Eye focus exercise for better vision – Hold an object, such as a pen or pencil close to your face such that you can see it clearly, and focus your eyes on that object for several seconds. Next, focus your eyesight on another object about 10 feet away. Alternate focusing your eyes on these two objects. This exercise can help improve your ability to focus.

Thumb rotations – this exercise is performed one eye at a time. First, cover you left eye with your left hand. Hold your right thumb up directly in front of you, with your arm straight. With your right eye focused on your right thumb, move your right hand in a pattern to make any variety of shapes. For example, circles, half circles, squares, triangles, etc… Maintain your right eye focus on your right thumb during the movement. Do this several times, and then switch to your left eye. Do not let your head move during this eye exercise. Only your open eye should be moving to follow your thumb.

Rotate your eyes – start with looking your eyes up at your eyebrows. Starting with your eyes focused on your eye brows, make the largest circle possible by rolling your eyes.

You do not need to spend a lot of time performing these exercises. Several minutes spent for each session is plenty of time.

Before performing these eye exercises, you may wish to consult your eye doctor. You should also take off your contacts before performing any of these exercises to prevent your contacts from moving around or become dislodged.

Learn more about how you can strengthen your eyes, and naturally improve your eyesight with different eye exercises.

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