Facts About Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is not only unappealing, but life threatening as well. Obesity has been the mother of all diseases because this condition either causes or aggravates dangerously high levels of cholesterol, pressure, diabetes, impotency, hypertension, urinary stress incontinence, coronary artery disease, stroke, breast cancer, arthritic joints. Even less degrees of obesity can be a major threat to the quality of your […]

Statistics on Endometriosis – What’s Hot and What’s Not

Endometriosis is a diagnosis that many women receive every single year. Endometriosis is when endometrial tissue moves outside of the uterus into locations such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, intestines, and lining of the pelvis. In extremely rare instances it may even migrate to surgical scars such as those from a cesarean scar, into the vaginal wall, and even […]