Way to Know How Much Percentage Your Body Fat Is

You are worrying about your weight. But do you know your body fat percentage needs to be paid attention to than your weight?Then this article will provide you with the formula of calculating fat percentage in your body and help you define whether you are fat or not.

The body fat percentage is just the amount of fat you have stored on your body. This figure reflects accurately the level of your fitness rather than your weight does.

Here you will be guided to measure your  fat percentage in your body with Body Mass Index or BMI for short. You certainly should be honest to give the true measurements so that you get accurate results. Let get started.

Weigh your body in pounds and multiply your weight by 703.
Measure your height in inches and take your height squared.
Divide the weight number by the height number and then you get your BMI.

It is easier for you to look at the following formula:
BMI = (your weight ×703) ÷ (your height × your height)


The body fat percentage for a fit woman should be 21-31%. It could be as low as 10% when you are in fantastic shape.

For a fit man, the percentage should range from 14% to 25%. It could be as low as 2% when you are in excellent shape.

You can find many other ways to measure fat percentage in your body available out there. You can have the choice of going to a professional to get your fat percentage measured. You can use online  fat calculator also. However, the way offered above is so simple with some figures and gives you quick idea of where you are at on the scale of body fat.

Now you sure remember the importance of the body fat percentage in your weight loss instead of thinking much of weight as before.


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