In Defense of Fathers

With the changing family dynamics in today’s culture, the father figure in a child’s life is being viewed more often as an option rather than a necessity. More often single parents are mothers with the child’s fathers being uninvolved, uninvited or uninterested in the welfare of their children. Somewhere along the way, society seemed to have embraced the missing father […]

Stars Become Mothers in 2010

Famous people often get married and have babies when they achieve stable career. The “baby fever” seems to have conquered the celebrity world in 2010. The good news of famous ladies who are ready for motherhood is quite frequently released this year. Many well-known stars such as the pop superstar Pink, the Victoria\’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, the Supermodel Claudia […]

Significance of Mothers

Mothers are important to our lives because they are there to comfort us, guide us and nurture us until adulthood. Motherhood is considered the most important contribution of women. She is the superwoman in a family because she works all day to keep the house neat and tidy, cooks for the family and assists their children in making their assignments […]